Privacy Issues With Windows

  • Diagnostic Tracking Service

    • It’s a service that was recently added to Windows 7 and 8 Operating Systems after Windows 10 was released.
    • It collects data on the programs you use and encrypts it before sending it to Microsoft.
  • Solution

    • Remove the Windows Update that added the service to the computer.
    • Disable Diagnostic Tracking Services under Services.
  • Windows Gadgets

    • These Gadgets that came installed on every Windows 7 and 8 PC were found to have back doors that allows someone to remotely hack any computer that were using these Gadgets.
    • Microsoft didn’t delete them with a Windows Update, so they are still on every Windows 7 and 8 computer.
  • Solution

    • The only solution is to delete them yourself ¬†or just never use them.