Oct 16

Progress from Fall Break


Since my last report, I have messed around with both Windows 8 and Windows 10. I’ve discovered the Diagnostic Tracking Service in Windows 8 that gather a lot of your data and encrypts it before sending to Microsoft. Windows 10 has an AI called Cortana that needs a lot of your data in order to be used to it’s full potential. This upcoming weekend, I will be researching Adobe Flash and the Google Chrome web browser and then after that I will be focusing on the iPhone and the iCloud.


This past weekend, I managed to get some more research for my Privacy/Security project done. As you know, I was tasked to research Windows 8 and Windows 10 and I found out that after Windows 10’s release, Windows 8 and Windows 7 were given some suspicious files when you used Windows Update. One of them was the Diagnostics Tracking service and it is known that it sends your data, encrypted, somewhere and stores it for Microsoft.

Windows 10 has some questionable questionable settings that makes some people worried. To begin with the simple stuff, Windows 10 automatically updates the system instead of letting the user choose when to update like the past operating systems. At first, this seems like a splendid idea because it is more convenient to let the Operating System do everything, but what if the OS somehow installs some more hidden files like the ones I mentioned earlier? You won’t be able to remove the update since it will always update to the current one.

Windows 10 also tries to make the user use the apps installed instead of other programs that would use from the internet and  the AI, Cortana, pulls data from your text messages, e-mails, location history, browsing history because it needs to know more about the user to know how to react to them. Microsoft even created a FAQ for Cortana because people were so worried about their privacy and why this AI needed so much of your data.

Up next on my to do list for this project is web browsers. However, I am only going to be focused on Google Chrome because I have finally decided to take a look at Adobe Flash for this project. You probably have already heard about the security problems that Flash has during this past summer. Apparently, Flash still hasn’t fixed those problems, so they are back in the news again and that would fit pretty well in this project. Once I have completed that this weekend, I will then move on to the Apple iPhone and the iCloud.

To conclude, Microsoft has been doing some pretty sketchy stuff with their Operating Systems causing people to actually start caring about their security and privacy online also with the devices they use. Stay tuned for Flash and Google Chrome next week!

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