Nov 23

The Last Progress Report


We are on the final stretch of the project. All that is left to do is finish creating the videos about the privacy and security over Thanksgiving when I have access to my Windows 8 computer. Once everything is uploaded to my website and a video hosting site like YouTube, I will share them and spread them across multiple social networking sites besides Twitter while keeping my own self protected of course. To prepare for the showcasing of my Privacurity project, I will make sure I have a setup that will play all of my videos and I will make sure to answer any and all questions from the viewers.


Hello again everyone. It looks like we are approaching the end of the Privacurity project. Once I finish up the final touches, I hope that I do accomplish my main goal of informing a large number of people about the privacy and security issues that come with the technology we use every day. What I have done since the last report was create two videos for both Windows 7 and Web Browsers with the help of VLC and Audacity. Once I go home for Thanksgiving, I will record the videos for Windows 8 and iPhone using a program called AirServer. My final job after that is to host all of my videos on my website and upload them to YouTube for everyone to see and learn the dangers and workarounds for themselves.

Once everything is up and good to go, I will use more social media other than just Twitter to get my project out there even more and possible change something. I will be happy as long as I am able to inform just one person on the project. The Showcase approaches as well and I don’t have to do much prepping for that since all of my videos and information will be on my site ready for everyone to view as they stop by to see my project. It’s also my first time participating in Showcase, so I will make sure I can answer any questions about my project that they throw at me.

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