Google and Adobe

Privacy Issues With Adobe

  • Flash

    • There have been many problems with the Flash Player for a long time and recently many people kept bypassing the security of it.
    • It caused enough problems that Adobe is finally retooling the player.
  • Solution

    • Many sites are making the move over to HTML 5, but not all of them. It’s best not to delete or disable it yet unless you don’t browse any sites that use Flash.
    • Make sure your Flash Player is always up to date.

Privacy Issues With Chrome And Google

  • Chrome

    • If you are signed in on the web browser, the company stores just about everything you do on the web browser, even if you don’t hit the ENTER key.
    • No one is sure what they do with the data.
  • Solution

    • You can limit this invasion of privacy by disconnecting your Google account form the web browser.
    • An alternative is to download the open source browser, Chromium. It is very similar to Chrome, but without all of the privacy issues because it is made by users and can be edited ┬áby the users to their own personal taste.