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Nov 23

The Last Progress Report

Abstract We are on the final stretch of the project. All that is left to do is finish creating the videos about the privacy and security over Thanksgiving when I have access to my Windows 8 computer. Once everything is uploaded to my website and a video hosting site like YouTube, I will share them …

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Nov 11

Project Update! iPhone and iCloud

Abstract For this update to the Priva-Curity project, I researched how the iPhone tracks your location with Location Services and the ads on the web browser app. I also found some information on how the iCloud hackers from last year manage to hack the celebrities accounts and how there is basically no real security on …

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Oct 28

Web Browser Progress Report

Abstract For this week, I ended up researching Adobe Flash, Google Chrome, and the Hola browser extension. Adobe Flash had some security problems that let hackers install malware when and old version of Flash is in use. Chrome doesn’t need your permission when updating and it tracks the majority before sending it to Google. Hola …

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Oct 16

Progress from Fall Break

Abstract Since my last report, I have messed around with both Windows 8 and Windows 10. I’ve discovered the Diagnostic Tracking Service in Windows 8 that gather a lot of your data and encrypts it before sending to Microsoft. Windows 10 has an AI called Cortana that needs a lot of your data in order …

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Oct 07

Privacy Project Progress Report

Abstract I managed to do a lot of research and experimenting with Windows 7 these past two weeks, but I only managed to find out that two Gadgets were pretty harmful to the users and to their computers. If anyone were to take control of these Gadgets, they would be able to force the user …

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Dec 19

Hello world!

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